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Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

The Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia is an Institution of Higher Education, of social property, that for its origin and organization belongs to the sector of social economy.  

Its fundamental purposes are: The EDUCATION of professionals with political criteria, creative and supportive, that contribute to the harmonious development of society, THE RESEARCH, linked to teaching and learning, as a contribution of scientific and social problems, THE EXTENSION AND SOCIAL PROJECTION oriented to public service and the effective bound to the productive sector, and the INTERNATIONALIZATION oriented to the interaction of theorist and practical knowledge among world academic communities, teachers and researchers mobility, students and curriculum and cooperation among cultures.  

It provides learning in the fields of sciences, techniques, technologies and humanities in undergraduate, postgraduate and non formal education and for the labor, in active and flexible environments of learning. 

As a university community it values the freedom, the solidarity, the equity and the respect for diversity as a foundation of the construction of a new society. 

It is a University of national character, decentralized and open to the world. 

For the year 2020, the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia will be an alternative University, organized as a network, promoter of social inclusion, recognized in a national and international level for the innovation of its educational services, the education of professionals and competent citizens, the high quality of its academic programs and a university system of research integrated to worldwide networks of knowledge.  

Its university community will be integrated by teams that will be created permanently and will participate in the continuous institutional improvement, the protection of the environment, the eradication of poverty, the access to all to education and the sustainable development through the social and solidary economy.  

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